About the blog

/SEA (Forward Slash Sea) is a space for me to release the words when they need to go somewhere, or when my wrists ache from hours of painting so typing becomes easier than writing in a notebook.

An extension of my journal, here I record thought processes, memories, and the things that move me both for personal documentation and to flex my writing brain.

Sometimes the anxieties get in the way and articulation feels next to impossible. I’ve been working to resist the silence, to not disappear into abysses when they come spiralling like tidal waves. Language brings me joy. I like to think of myself as being fluent in the visual language first before the written or spoken, though I found myself feeling incomplete when I’m not also practising as a writer.

I’m still finding ways to incorporate more of the written/spoken word into my larger body of work as an artist. Maintaining my relationship to words, then, is important – nourishing it is important. This blog is my way of watering the soil that keeps my roots receptive and growing.

Please credit and link back to this blog if you quote or repost any part of my posts. No parts of this blog should be quoted or re-published, in print or online, by any media outlet or publisher without written permission from me.

The cover art used for the blog posts are either my own images or they’ve been sourced to promote or show off favorite artists/artworks. I aim to always credit the artists, but if I have used one of your pieces as a feature art and you would rather not have it up on here, or if I’ve credited inaccurately, please let me know!

Thank you for reading.