About Me

Hi, I’m Dhiyanah Hassan. I’m an artist and writer.


Dhiyanah HassanĀ is a multidisciplinary artist whose works seek to map out the terrains between memory and healing. She explores how art, poetry, and storytelling areĀ used to reclaim a sense of selfhood in the aftermath of trauma, how the building of a personal narrative connects an individual to the wider sea of collective memory.

“Language forms our worlds. In the event of conflict or trauma, these worlds are held under siege by things beyond ordinary grammar. We kick so as not to sink. We build coping mechanisms to keep us afloat. We find other ways to speak, to scream, to not remain silent. We keep telling our stories.”
from 2016’s Artist’s Statement

Dhiyanah spent a decade moving aroundĀ before returning to Malaysia with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) from RMIT, Australia. SheĀ often maintains multiple projects at a time, experimenting with words and images while freelancing as an editor and illustrator. Her writing has appeared in BACCARAT Malaysia, Star2,Ā andĀ Burning House Press.Ā She performed atĀ Georgetown Literary Festival 2016Ā and created the cover art for two books so far –Ā Wolf at the DoorĀ by J. Damask (Gerakbudaya, 2016) andĀ All the Bodies We’ve EmbracedĀ by Sheena Baharudin (Perfect Binding, 2017).

To find out more about my art, the best place to do so is on my Instagram. Website coming soon
(fingers crossed!)

ThingsĀ that are important to me… creative process, my close friendships and relationships, self-care, mental health, intersectional feminism, queer narratives, literature, music and movies, comix, podcasts, tarot practice, landscapes, memoir writing, visibilizing marginalized realities, unlearning toxic patterns in favor of more loving and nourishing habits, gaining new skills, Steven Universe, promoting art by qpoc and woc, art-making as healing, art as a way to connect, my cats.